Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ramblesaurus Hex.

Yeah, so I've pretty much been fused to my laptop since I discovered my internet is once more functional.

There was a lovely four-hour visit with my parents--I have not seen their faces or heard their voices for close to four weeks--a chat with my brother, a chat with one of my best friends... It's been a very good day, and tomorrow there will be prep and exploring, and hopefully my cold symptoms decide to vanish into the night. For now, let's work on getting you caught up!

November 7, 2011

Kimbap, you are glorious and delicious and make an excellent dinner and I love that you only cost 2000 won.

We’re totally hanging out again soon, you and I.

November 9, 2011 (early o’clock)

This post may or may not make it to the interwebs, given that I currently contain soju.

Tuesday writing class still borders on awful. One kid is just… ugh. He needs a good slap or something. Even with half the class missing tonight and twenty minutes taken up by monthly testing, it was still… scary? Thank Santa the semester ends soon and maybe some of these… ‘children’ will move to different levels and they will maybe behave better. Not bloody likely though.

I got one whole essay back tonight. None of them do their work. It borders on stupid. This group does not care, and I often debate just not showing up because I bet they don’t actually care and wouldn't even notice. Just talky talky talk for the whole time. Bah. I know they’re buried in work. I get that. They’re under an insane amount of pressure and their parents are pretty much legally allowed to beat them if they don’t perform. But I am also supposed to do my job and they are not making it very easy. I do what I can, but there’s only so much I can do.

I need to find the mailing address of every teacher I’ve ever had or met, and send them a goddamn thank you card for putting up with so much shit.

Someone told me that Korean students are better behaved than most North American ones? I suppose only yelling at me for trying to help instead of pulling a knife on me would constitute better behaviour…

Tuesday and Thursday. Hrn! EVIL.

I have classes I love, and classes I could live without. I am told this is the teaching way.

And it’s 3AM. Sleeeeep.

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