Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Backlog. A-heh.

November 23, 2011
Oh. Man. I wish I was more awake because this has been a rather adventurous, awesome, and amazing week—and Wednesday has only just finished!
I’ll begin with an outline so that when I inevitably strike off on a tangent, I can refer back to it later. Or in case I get tired and decide that sleep is more important that my Korean chronicles.
Okay. List.
-staffing changes at work
-giving my first detention (it was long overdue)
-getting invited to a Korean wedding! (though in Korea it is just called ‘a wedding’)
-adventures in rice rolling
-same old same old
-some of my students openly despise me, others say they’d miss me if I left!
-kimbap for kids!
-making friends with the shy, quiet co-worker and getting unexpected adventures!
-naming one my male students “Princess Gigglepants”
…um, so I wrote THAT and now I need napskies. To be continued, I suppose!

November 27, 2011
I also want to make mention of random waves of homesickness striking me in public places when I’m out with my friends, and also the wonderful things those friends do to make me feel better.
Further, new friends and adventures with new friends are also glorious. So much to say, so much to tell, but so much sleep to catch up on first!
November 29, 2011
So tonight I asked a couple of my students (both girls) whether they get along better with boys or girls and why they think that is. Textbooks have the most interesting questions. Anyway. I’m not sure which answer I loved more. The one girl says to me: “I’m better with girls. Boys disgusting.” And the other says: “Girls. Because I go to all girl school. Very sad.”