Sunday, 9 October 2011

Well, this was unexpected.

Apparently the blogger website automatically detects what country you happen to be in and has changed all the usual login stuff to Korean.
Needless to say, it took me about five minutes to get logged in instead of five seconds.

First off, Korea is amazing. Somehow I am functioning despite only having eight Korean phrases to my name. I'm close to everything, and I managed to not get lost while walking today. I think I found the stadium where I can go for a run, which is good because I really don't think running in the streets is wise. They're quite narrow and filled with numerous cars.

I know I have more stories, but for now I'm a bit edgy about beginning my new job today, so for now, have the stuff I wrote by hand on the plane.

Oct 7, 2011

I can hardly believe the size of this airplane. When I was looking at it through the terminal window I thought "well, that's not as huge as I'd expected..." (go ahead, Tina), but then we boarded. This plane is the size of Hampton, I swear. Or maybe even the Hamptons. I've never been. Can't say for certain.
For the moment my excitement is all excitement. I'm not worrying about the job and how I will do. I am just plain PUMPED.
We're approaching the runway now, gearing for takeoff. For some reason I first wrote 'takeout'. I am hungry and I smell food. Maybe that's why.
This plane. This PLANE!
I got to my seat and there was a pillow, a blanket, headphones, and a bottle of water waiting for me. Last time I flew, for five bucks I could rent some earbuds for the flight.
I have tons of legroom, I'm on the aisle and I don't have to walk 100 metres to the can.


...and now...staring out the window, watching Toronto disappear... it's finally hit me.
'Scuse me, I've something in my eyes.

1220pm EST

Dear Ian, thank you to you and your parents for the candy. It is excellent.


Lunch was GOOOOOD. Bibimbap I think it was called. Served with some kind of pickles, fresh fruit and seaweed soup. Once I figure out where to buy that hot pepper paste and sesame oil, I can totally make it myself, I bet!
Filled with some kinda meat, beef I think, zucchini, pickled something or other, mushrooms (which I actually ATE), and something that might have been spinach. Deeeelish.
Also also ALSO! COCA COLA! It comes in cans that are about the size of a can of Red Bull and it's not as syrupy as I'm used to, but that's probably a good thing. And a cup of really nice green tea after.
So by my math there're still ten more hours. But according to the flight screen it is precisely ten hours and twenty minutes. It also says it is 335 am in Korea, and we are traveling at a speed of 519mph or 835kmh at an altitude of 32000 feet.
There are still over 5153 miles to go, or 8287 km.
I'm gonna play around with this tv some more and then I think it's book time!

More airplane chronicles to come! But for now, I have to go and make some lunch to eat now and some to bring to work! Eventually, I will get to my adventures since arriving! They will take some time to reach you, as I am writing from the future, remember.

Annyonghi kyeseyo!

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