Monday, 10 October 2011

Further Airplane Adventures!

I survived my first day of teaching. There will be more stories there too, I assure you, as I somehow found the time to do some writing on my break--my journal has not left my side since I arrived--but for the moment, have some more of the writing I did on the airplane.

Ontario time - 650 pm

Apparently my brain is attempting to adjust to the time change already without any of my help. I was just looking at my watch to check the time and I swear it took me a solid minute to figure out what number I was looking at. Madness.
Highlights from the flight include spending time mastering multiple video games, watching Pixar's latest (it was cute but I'm glad I kept my ten bucks because it wasn't as amazing as say, UP), and impressing the stewardess by thanking her in Korean when she brought around some snacks.
I'm already nearly halfway through my new Rick Riordan book and there are still six (so probably seven) hours until we land.
And I am still too awake and pumped to even consider sleeping.
There's a surprising number of people getting up to stretch their legs and such. I'm not too bad for the moment, though I have to shift around every now and then because apparently one does indeed possess butt muscles and therefore one's butt can go pretty damn numb. Guh.
My shoulders are a mite stiff too. I'm debating watching another movie. They've an excellent selection and of course, me being me, I plan to watch all the animated ones. And even if I watch them both, standard kids' movie times combined, that'll put us at 10pm.
According to the map we're someplace above Siberia. Our route took us way north first, over the arctic circle even, and hey! We've crossed the international date line so I am officially in the future! airplane's kind of a flying car.

I think I'm going to have to fly Korean Air forever now. It's AWESOME.

Eventually we'll catch up. For now I have to summon the energy for another day of work. ...I think I have a bottle of it in the fridge. It's called cola.

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