Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday, you are made of win.

If I hadn't had the sense to keep my journal at hand this week, I think it would be lost to the ages. Of course I've hardly even begun to properly chronicle everything (ask me when I have had the time and necessary energy), but everything seems to be etching itself indelibly onto my brain right now. This might be why I purchased a bottle of Essence of Fermented Grapes while at the grocery store today--everything's keeping me awake when I am still so so tired. It's about 625 in the evening on Saturday and I am seriously contemplating bed.
First, have some more of my airplane ramblies.

It's just about 1am in Toronto and 2pm in Seoul. I made a halfhearted attempt to sleep at what was 10pm. Think I managed a wink? Noooo! And now, when we are but a half hour from landing (ohmygodohmygodohmygod) I am starting to feel bagged.
Also, it feels a bit like I've been turned inside out. I'm honestly beginning to fear that instead of my ritual head explodey ear pin, IIIII mayaccidentallycrackoneoff.'re welcome.
Of course, knowing my wonderful luck, I will get both.
Why the hell am I whining?? I am less than an hour away (barring any delays while landing) from KOREA.

...please don't let my ears explode with pain. I have zero control over my tear ducts and my whimpers.

Maybe I'll consult with my phrasebook, see if there's anything to tell me how to say 'OH GOD MY EARS!!' But hopefully I won't need that. (pleasepleasepleaseplease)

230pm KST, October 8

Yeah. So, um. I'm in Korea right now.

110am KST, Oct 9
Am most definitely glad I got to leave a day earlier. Gives me a better chance to explore and recover from the trip. I still feel a lot like I've been turned inside out, or maybe that's the delicious Korean bbq talking (DECLICIOUS, by the way).
I think I experience a brief panic attack the first time I woke up around 9pm. My anxiety was just off the wall and there was no way sleep was coming without a little help. Then of course the sleeping pill I took got stuck in my throat and I honestly thought I was going to be sick because it was sitting right on that spot that makes you gag--you know the spot I mean. Luckily I had some water handy and so didn't fill my sink with slightly used food. ...anyway.
I had forgotten that prior to last night I actually HAVE tried kimchi before! I had it at a Korean place at the P-Mall and didn't know that's what it was. It came with some other things that I suppose I might encounter in the next few days. I rather like it too, which is good since it apparently comes with everything.

Things I need to remember -

-greet people if they greet you, or maybe even greet them first
-remember to say thanks (kamsa hamnida) and say it often
-response to a thank you is the word for yes, which, funnily enough, sounds like the Scottish term for 'no' (ne = nay, but ne means yes)
- when eating in a group you aren't supposed to pour your own drink
-because I am female and foreign I can get away with more slipups
- _____ juseyo = please give me ______

A friend of my brother's who is teaching in another city nearby says he knows people who have lived here for years and they don't speak a word of Korean. HOW DO THEY FUNCTION?? I was buying groceries and when I paid with my credit card I couldn't figure out that I was supposed to sign the little panel in front of me until the girl told me to in English. I need to learn, and fast.
But for now, I think I will read a bit more and hope that sleep graces me with its presence.

PS - there's a 7-11 across the street from my view. Awesome.

Next on the reading agenda, my panicked scrawlings that I managed to produce during the insanity that was my first week of work.
...maybe you'll get photos next week. For now, I'ma have some of that fermented grape essence and bid today adieu.

Canada, I miss you.

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  1. you're providing useful notes even for me honey! If I do teach in Korea, I must be focused and patient at the same time! I'm this far in your blogs.... slowly finishing up lol