Friday, 7 October 2011

Am I existing on an alternate plane of existence or what?

Um, that totally wasn't pun intended.

I'm sitting on a comfy comfy chair at my boarding gate, enjoying the legroom and the chance to walk around while I still can. There is a giant blue and white airplane right in front of me, getting itself aligned with the... uh... that tunnel dealie that you go through to board (how nice, my vocabulary is deciding to desert me when I'm about to start teaching people English), and I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that by this time tomorrow I will be living in South Korea. Reality still hasn't set in.

Said goodbye to my parents about an hour ago. Managed to only get misty-eyed instead of openly sobbing in front of airport security. Miraculously I managed to get some sleep, so right now I am very much doubting that I will sleep on the flight. Adrenaline is going to be my special friend for the next, oh, month. Or two. While I have no idea whether Coca Cola is crazy expensive in SK, or if I can even find it there, I imagine I can get green tea. Or something caffeinated. My heart shall be like that of the tiniest mouse, wherein it hammers so quickly that it will be like a hum. When going to the doctor for checkups, the doctor listening with a stethoscope will inexplicably have a tune stuck in his or her head, because of course my heart will be singing its favourite song.

I spent my last night in Canada watching the hockey game. I find that oddly appropriate. I think I'm actually going to miss hockey. Which is kind of nuts.

Welp. Still nearly two hours until boarding o'clock. I may be back with more random observations. Further, I plan to do what I have just now dubbed analog tweets, in which I will use the ancient writing tools of our forefathers, the pen and paper, to record thoughts as they come to me during the flight.
...when I'm not reading my new Rick Riordan book anyway.

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