Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Oops and things

So after painstakingly choosing the name of this blog, methinks I have spotted different ways of spelling the Anglicized versions of the Korean term for hello and thus have no clue which one is actually right. Fabulous.

I realize this thing is not exactly the most riveting of blogs. In my defense, I haven't actually left yet. The only stuff I can really write about right at the moment is a long list of To Do's before I go, and while I have a knack for making boring lists entertaining by sticking smart-ass commentary next to each item, I fear I lack the energy tonight.

Basically the list is this:

Buy more stuff and things.
Pack said stuff and things.
Convert what dollars are left from purchasing stuff and things into won.
Fly to Korea (on a plane, I mean. Because I'm not Clark Kent, despite what my current t-shirt claims).
Unpack said stuff and things.
Become nocturnal, kind of.
Inform everyone back home that I have arrived safely in the future.
Begin new job and hopefully learn to be awesome at it.

There's some other stuff in there too, I'm sure, but I can't think of it right now. I've got it written down someplace.

Also, there was a rather awesome party thrown for me the other night. I am so very loved and that is also rather awesome.

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  1. I am this far in your blogs! i figured it was time to post something for reading so late. You are not a bad writer even if you feel lazy. Superman? ah, I'm a batman fan instead. Still, good choice and we can all fly around the world if we just envision it...