Saturday, 18 February 2012

Re: The List – Naming one of my students Princess Gigglepants

That’s pretty much how things went down, I’ll be honest. The kid just does not stop giggling for even a second. I thought giving him the name of ‘Princess’ would end it.
Sooo, because this list went and got crazy long without my consent, pretty much everything I wrote down happened, oh, months ago. And I’ve pretty much accumulated a whole new list, containing items like the joys of the changing semester, brand new textbooks, and the fact that my immune system, so strong and reliable in Canada, is absolute and utter shit here in Korea.
Furthermore, I know more K-Pop than I thought, thanks to car commercials back home.
…but I have no idea if they were Hyundai cars.
By the way, Canada, you’re saying it wrong.

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