Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Re: The List.

Staffing changes at work.

You’d think with one less teacher on staff that we’d be going batshit insane, but things are actually less stressful. There’s far less tension in the air at work, and by that I mean that there is NONE AT ALL, which is ever so nice.

Also, as a result of these changes, I have picked up three new classes and subjects but they are fairly similar to other classes I have taught before. The downside of this is that the semester is winding down and so most of the textbooks are complete. There is also what is called “holding,” a period of time in which the kids skip attending hagwon so they can devote their energy to studying for their exams.

Energy. As if these kids even have any energy after all the work they do by day at their other schools. Honestly, I feel bad for them a lot of the time, but of course the crazy educational expectations are why I’m even employed right now.

Anyway, we have to prepare as if we are expecting a full class of kids, when in all likelihood there will be none to speak of whatsoever. My one class that normally has 10 kids only had 1 last night, another only 2, and my one class was opseyo.

And, for the frosting, as I am done with many of my subjects, I’ve been covering other subjects to help the other teachers so they will be finished their books by the end of next week.

Needless to say it’s been a party around here. Y’know, I’ve been wondering why I’ve been feeling so fried these last few weeks, but maybe, just maybe, that might have played a part. Plus I somehow went the past week and a half without a drop of coca cola in me. I blame the cider. The delicious delicious cider.

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