Thursday, 5 January 2012

Re: The List Giving my first Detention

This was pure gold. This class (save for 2-3 kids, sometimes 4) has been making me mental since my first day, largely because the subject is difficult and the kids are… active. This one kid in particular, we figure he is wealthy, especially since he has said he’s only there because he has to be, not because he wants to be. In other words, we’re pretty much babysitting this kid so mom and dad can brag that their kid goes to our school. He talks over the lesson, expects something for nothing, doesn’t do his work and looks at you like you’re so far beneath him that you’re not even in the room.

So this one day he mysteriously knew all the answers—and looked rather proud of himself when he informed me that he had ‘copied from teacher’s book’. Then later he kept moving between giving me lip over one thing or another, and talking AGAIN instead of listening, so I growled at him to change seats, and I’m 99% sure the next word that came out of his mouth was ‘bitch’. Even if that wasn’t what he’d said, the tone screamed ‘go die in a fire.’

So I gave him detention. Enough was enough.

Strangely, I thought he’d be worse after, or maybe I just stopped caring if the kid learns anything from me or not. But next class he was surprisingly okay. For him.

The one kid sometimes pays attention, and another I think acts out because he is bored—he always has the correct answers, but is wrong often enough that I don’t think he copied them from the answer key, and the girls are pretty much perfect angels. So, pretty much the boys just mutter quietly in Korean while I teach the girls. And again, the kid who I think is bored occasionally will shout out the correct answer before resuming whatever he was saying to his pals. It’s a lot easier than losing my shit on them, and I at least make sure the boys have the answers written in their books when we take everything up afterwards.

In short, I’m not at all surprised by who got the first detention I gave. Not in the slightest.

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